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Hi, I'm Liz a graphic designer


Hey howzit, I'm Liz a graphic designer from Hawaii! I studied graphic design in the Bay Area at California College of the Arts.

Currently, I'm starting my small business back home in Hawaii. 

Jellyfish are a constant inspiration and a huge part of my artwork. My cultural background, Korean mother, and home have had a huge impact on my design. Exploring different mediums and styles is part of my process. I am always interested in using new and different mediums. I like to work in both physical and digital mediums. All of my digital designs are completely vectored images, making them great for different sizes and uses. 

Stickers are the number one use for my digital designs. T-shirts are another great use for digital designs.

I love to create new things! Thanks for any support!

Spread aloha always, chee!

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